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Alexander Moffat

Generation 8




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B. Oct 1744

Bap. 20/01/1745











John Moffat. As explained in John's own record, he may or may not be my direct descendant. I know that Mary Moffat's father was a John Moffat and I have good circumstantial evidence to show that the John I have discovered is the correct one, but it is not definitive. So, the case for this Alexander being my direct descendant is on slightly shaky ground. And, of course, when you go this far back, it becomes even more difficult to be wholly confident of what you find. However, based on John Moffat's birth record, his parents were called Alexander Moffat and Isobela Noble. I found a marriage record for Alexander and Isobel and given the rarity of 'Noble' as a surname, it seems safe to assume this is the right couple. That record gave Alexander's Parish as Peebles and that in turn led me a birth record of an Alexander Moffat in Peebles in 1745. This would have made him 24 when he married in 1769, so there is a good case to be made for this being the correct Alexander Moffat.

I have been unable to find any record of Alexander's death.



Alexander was baptised in Peebles on this date, although the record states that he was "born three months before this". Alexander's parents are recorded as James Moffat and Margaret Broun (sic.). James's occupation is recorded, but it is indistinct - it looks like "Cert Gfo - Balli ker", but that doesn't make much sense.;(click on the record link below to see for yourself.) The witnesses were James Hodge and Alexander Brunton.

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23rd June 1769

Alexander married Isobel Noble in the county of Peeblesshire. The entry shows that Alexander was of 'this parish, whilst Isobel was of the parish of Newlands. They were married by William Dalgleish, minister in Peebles.

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8th April 1770

Alexander's daughter, Janet , was born in the county of Peeblesshire. At this stage I have not acquired the actual record, but have this information from ScotlandsPeople.

16th April 1776

Alexander's son, John, was born on the 16th of April and baptised on the 21st of April, in West Linton, Peeblesshire. His parents were recorded as Alexander Moffat and Isobela Noble.

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5th November 1777

Alexander's daughter, Mary, was born in West Linton, Peeblesshire. At this stage I have not acquired the actual record, but have this information from ScotlandsPeople.

29th June 1783

Alexander's daughter, Margaret, was born in E