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Janet Farquharson

Generation 7




1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

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1901 Census



1775 / 76


1841 - 1851









At this stage we do have very little information on Janet Farquharson. We learned of Janet through the birth record of her daughter Mary Moffat. Janet had Mary and three other children with John Moffat. There is no record of John and Janet marrying and this seems to be confirmed by the 1841 Census in which Janet Farquharson is recorded as living with one of her sons, Alexander.

There is, however, no record of Janet in the 1851 Census, so it seems reasonable to assume that she died somewhere between 1841 and 1851, although no record of her death has been found.



Given the age ascribed to Janet in the 1841 Census, she must have been born in this period. However, i have been unable to find a record of her birth.

28th February 1804

Janet's son, Alexander, was born in West Linton, Peeblesshire. His parents were recorded as John Moffat and Janet Farquharson.

14th November 1809

Janet's daughter, Mary Moffat was born in West Linton, Peeblesshire. Her parents were recorded as John Moffat and Janet Farquharson. The actual entry in the Parish Records reads:

Moffat &Farquharson -

Mary daughter of John Moffat & Janet Farquharson was born the 14th November

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22nd May 1811

Janet's son, James, was born in West Linton, Peeblesshire. His parents were recorded as John Moffat and Janet Farquharson.

19th June 1814

Janet's son, Robert, was born in West Linton, Peeblesshire. His parents were recorded as John Moffat and Janet Farquharson.

6th February 1831

Janet's daughter, Mary married Thomas Rodger in West Linton, county of Peebles. The entry in the Parochial Register is in amongst a number of accounting entries and reads:

Proc'd Thos. Rodger & Mary Moffat £. s. d. 4

It's interesting, although uncertain why, that the "d" in "Rodger" is crossed out three times.

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1841 Census

Interestingly, I have found an entry for Janet under her maiden name of Janet Farquharson, in this Census. She is living in the home of Alexander Moffat, in the "Town of Manor", Peeblesshire. Alexander is shown as aged 35. This I think, is near enough to the age John and Janet's eldest son would have been in 1841. He is recorded as being an Agricultural Labourer. This suggest that John and Janet did not marry. Janet is aged 65.

Also living there are Alexander's wife, Ann Moffat, aged 35 and their children - James (11), John (10), Christian (8), Janet (6) and Robert (4),

As regards John Moffat, with whom Janet had four children, there is a John Moffat, of around the age you would expect, - 65 - who is also living in Manor, Peeblesshire and whose entry is in the household above Alexander's in the Census record. This may be coincidence, as this John is living with his wife and family. However, all of his children are younger than the children of our John and Janet, so it may be that they split up without marrying and John married after that. I am taking nothing for granted here, but I will record that this John was living with his wife, Agnes, aged 60 and his children William (20), Margaret (15) and Nancy (9). Also living with him was a three year old girl called Helen Noble - no indication of her relationship to John, though.

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